Paulina León
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¿Qué dice el Río?

0801 Calle 50, PA

Artistic, urban and landscape intervention by Tramo x Rizoma Estudio, that invites us to recognize, contemplate and connect with the Matasnillo River — a central element of the city that lives outside of our collective imagination.

Mateo López: Palabras de Cierre

Installation performance DiabloRosso, PA

For this exhibition, López invited the dancer Paulina León to be part of this project, with the purpose of dialoguing with the works and inhabiting the exhibition space. These activations took place once a week throughout the duration of the exhibition, with a closing performance within the framework of Prisma, International Festival of Contemporary Dance of Panama.


Video performance HD 4:3 6'08"

Residency at Fundación Espacio Creativo, PA

Abcdanza is born from the whim of wanting to identify with our environment and its elements. The curiosity of being reduced to the reality of these elements offers new perspectives and ways of relating to them. The element chosen in this case are the letters of the alphabet. A body that runs through the 26 letters of the alphabet seeking to relate to them; exploring their contours at the level of body movement from sculptural imitation to what they can cause when put into action. Moreover, as a game of rapid association, each letter has a sound, a visual, a feeling; taken form street typographies, personal film photographs, childhood songs, and silly connections.


ongoing investigation project in collaboration with Jimena Lara

Planos interrupts the unconscious choreography of living in a city and breaks down automatic reactions by establishing a link (as absurd as it may be) with street elements. From the need of inhabiting the street to 'doing without permission', it does not break any urban law but it does go through some of the imposed relational behavior. This investigation started in 2021 is still ongoing. The next phase of research is aimed at working with gaps in the roads that refer to gaps in the culture and urban problems of a city where solutions are always temporary.


Installation performance DiabloRosso, PA

Installation performance of found objects from the abandoned Variedades Theater to compliment the premiere of ‘Variedades’ the dance film by Marlyn Attie. This co-production is a provocation to take a trip to the historical memory of Panama. From the movement and the ruins of what this building was, we build part of the cultural legacy that every day acquires new varieties of forms and rhythms. This is a critique of the current cultural detachment, of social and identity marginality and how it impacts us collectively.